A review of my night at Disney’s Boo Bash After Hours Event

It’s time for trick-or-treating, characters in costume and plenty of Boo-To-You fun at this year’s Boo Bash at Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

We all missed celebrating last year at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party due to the pandemic and prior to attending this year’s Halloween event a lot of people were skeptical of what Boo-Bash was going to be, well I am here to tell you it was Spooktacular!

Unlike past Halloween events, this was not a “party” this was an after-hours event. So, I went into it knowing the experience would be different than past Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Parties and I was thrilled, if you’re looking for the traditional party then you’re going to be left missing some of those Disney Halloween moments we love.

Boo Bash started at 9:00PM and I was able to enter the Magic Kingdom at 7:00PM, I arrived promptly at 7:00pm and headed right to my favorite rides. I was able to enjoy eight, yes EIGHT of my favorite Magic Kingdom attractions within the first hour and a half. I went right to Buzz Light Year then to Carousel of Progress, The People Mover, Space Mountain and then over to The Jungle Cruise, Enchanted Tiki Room, Big Thunder Mountain and ended the two-hour window with the Haunted Mansion! It’s was a few minutes before 9:00PM and I headed to Main Street U.S.A. to take in some of the sites and sounds before trick-or-treating and catching some of the Cavalcades.

Some highlights of the night…

Low crowds and nonexistent wait times! This was hands down the best part of the event and made it worth every penny, I walked onto every ride. The longest line I came across was of course, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, but even that was only 35 minutes.

Nonstop trick or treating! Unlike Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween party I didn’t wait in any long lines to trick or treat. I am sure this was due to the lower crowds and limited tickets sold, but it was something I normally don’t experience at the Halloween party until later in the evening. I stopped and got candy all throughout the night and walked right through the line.

Throughout the park you can find all you care to eat popcorn, Mickey ice cream bars, fruit popsicles and bottles water and soda! I mean, does that get any better?!

Cavalcades took place throughout the night and were spaced out perfectly in time. Each cavalcade lasted about 5 or 6 minutes, giving me time to run and grab a snack or hop on a ride in-between.

So, after all the good stuff, let’s talk about the things I missed most.

Sadly, there were no stage shows…I really missed Hocus Pocus. As much as I loved being able to freely roam around, ride my favorite rides and snack on candy all night, I found myself missing being crammed in front of the castle watching my favorite sisters sing and dance. I also really missed the Halloween fireworks! The Park had great Halloween lighting and decorations throughout the park and spooky music set the feel for the evening.

I was very surprised with this after-hours event, I will say I miss the traditional Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween party, but this was what we needed after a year of uncertainty and so many of us missing last years festivities. Thank you to Disney for brining back the Halloween Magic! Overall, I found the event to be worth the cost and really enjoyed it! Disney gets an A+ and two thumbs up from me.

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