5 Reasons to book your vacation with a Travel Adisor

We all have a dream vacation that we have been planning to take for… well, forever. Planning a vacation can be an overwhelming and tedious task, and that’s where a travel agent can play a key role in making sure your vacation is carefree, stress-free and affordable.

Booking a vacation on your own, especially now during a time of so much uncertainty due to COVID-19, is not a great use of your time and money. Travel advisors can help save you time, money and make sure you’re protected and staying safe. Here are 5 of our top reasons to book a vacation with a travel advisor.

5. We are there for YOU! Whether you’re visiting a theme park or traveling the globe on a cruise or guided tour, even the best planning cannot prevent or predict the unexpected. You never know when a family member will become ill, dangerous weather occurs, airline delays or cancellations are posted or you encounter a medical emergency. Having a travel advisor to help you through these unexpected situations helps give you the peace of mind you need.

4. We save you time and money. Sure, you can look online or ask your friends and family about their vacations and where to go, but you’re still left to do the research and put it all together. One of the best reasons to book with a travel agent is their in-depth knowledge of destinations, airlines and resorts. A travel agent will save you an enormous amount of precious time, which in turn saves you money.

3. We have the knowledge and experience. Travel advisors have access to a variety of tools that the average traveler is not able to use or even knows about. The travel industry is complicated but travel agents have the knowledge and resources to navigate it. From understanding the pros and cons of resort brands to understanding a cruise ship deck plan, travel agents have specialized information ready available to ensure you have the best vacation. Their firsthand experience helps them to match you with the best location and accommodations for their trip.

2. We handle the stress and unexpected. Travel advisors are there to handle every aspect of your trip from the initial discussion to the booking, planning and even the unexpected issues that might arise. Whether the airline cancels your reservation or bad weather approaches you’re never left to handle a situation on your own. Sometimes planning a vacation requires phone calls and long hold times, well you’re travel advisor takes care of that so you don’t have to, we’re on the phone booking the park tickets or ski lift packages, we’re also arranging shore excursions for your cruise or those hard to get dining reservations at your favorite restaurant, which means you don’t have to stress.

1.We add VALUE! As Travel Advisors we understand budgets and how important they are to our guest vacation. That’s why we become invested and dedicated to helping you plan the best value possible. For example, a travel advisor can suggest to you which activities and excursions are best fit to your vacation goals so that you get the most from your budget. Many travelers don’t realize this, but travel agents share this professional guidance at no extra cost.

Wonderland and Beyond Travel is a full-service agency focusing on Orlando theme park destinations and beyond. We have been planning thousands of vacations over the past several years.

At Wonderland and Beyond Travel, we offer complimentary vacation planning for many destinations around the globe, from Disney destinations around the glove to cruise lines and all-inclusive beach resorts throughout the Caribbean and Mexico.

We help you find the perfect vacation to fit your budget and vacation desires. Book your vacation with one of our travel planners and we will help you build the perfect itinerary with a promise of maximum fun. Our agents are trained and certified, and they continue their education by traveling to the destinations that we often book.

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